Just a Squirrel Looking For A Nut — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 140
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 3 (2.1%)

I had an impromptu photography lesson this week. One of my favorite advisers was in town, and I had a chance to show him some of my images. In fact, we started the session with my asking his opinion on the images I had taken of “Baskets”, the Chicago Tree Project art installation by Karen Gibutz. I only recently discovered the tree, in a park near my home. My photography excursion project that day – get some feature images for my blog.

I came away from the project dissatisfied with the images I had taken. So, when my adviser came to town, I took advantage of the opportunity. I showed him the images, and he too, was unimpressed – even more so than I was. When he mentioned, “you don’t even have a squirrel in these images to make them interesting,” I confessed that I actually did have a squirrel in the group of images.

We spent the better part of the next hour cropping and editing the images –changing the exposure, temperature, contrast, highlights, shadows, blacks – you name it, we tried it. The result — this photographic series, 5* images of a squirrel in a tree looking for a nut!


  • Against the Tree – In this image, we emphasized the bark of the tree and the glow of the tree stump. These changes brought ought the softness of the squirrel in comparison to the tree bark. Overall the look of the image is warmer as well.


  • Smell Test — In this image, we wanted to emphasize the squirrel who seems to be giving the basket the sniff test. I love the close up of the basket – the weaving is intricate, and makes a wonderful tree accessory.

Truth be told – I had NOT selected either of these images as one of my 5* selections. My adviser selected them, and helped me to see the beauty hidden in the images. My lesson – don’t bypass the images until you have exhausted every possibility. It was a great lesson, and I may have more gems in my archives than I realize!

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