Unity Dragonfly and Chicago Tree Project Art – 5* Pix

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I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, Chicago loves its public art.  We see examples all over the city — from high profile examples such as  “Cloudgate” in Millennium Park to rotating exhibits like giant Marilyn Monroe statue on Michigan Avenue for nearly a year, to the groundbreaking “Cows on Parade” that graced the city’s streets over a decade ago.

One of these little known art projects is the Chicago Tree Project allows artists to reclaim dead and dying trees, and transforms them into works of art.  They are located strategically along the lakefront and in Chicago‘s parks. This photo excursion was inspired by tree art sculptural figures emerging from two trees along the Belmont Street entrance on to Lake Shore Drive.  When I saw figures emerging, I decided to stop by, and make this an in town photo excursion. Well, of course, I picked the brightest, prettiest, windiest, COLDest spring day in the season (but that is another posting). The impact though, was that despite my intent to wander around Belmont Harbor and the surrounding park looking for tree art and other works, it was much too cold, and I didn’t wander too far from my car for too long.

I explored two amazing public art examples to share as part of my 5* images for the day:


  • Unity Dragonfly – Talk about a different ‘take’ on the unity symbol! I saw this sculpture, and loved it. I have always been a fan of the unity symbol, and I thought this artistic interpretation was a wonderful blend. “Unity Dragonfly” is my description, not the artist’s given name for the work, but it works for me!


  • Unity in Shadow – Seeing this from a different perspective gives a new appreciation for the sculpture. The artist, whose name is Pamela (according to the welded name on the base) created a piece with such simplicity and beauty.


  • Checkmate “Knight” (1)  – This carving is one of a pair underway by Margot MacMahon with “checkmate” carved on its nameplate – “Queen” is still surrounded by scaffolding, indicating the level of work to be done. The knight is exquisitely and wonderfully carved – I loved looking up the curved mane to the head.


  • Checkmate “Knight” (2) — One seasoned photographer advised me to try to get a view from all angles, “you can’t figure out what will work unless you see it from all sides.”  As I looked at this sculpture, I marveled at the carving, and the way the artist really brought out the feeling of the knight neighing upward. I felt this made a wonderful perspective for viewing and enjoying this sculpture.

In the meantime, this little corner of Belmont Harbor and the lakefront park has these emerging and existing sculptures.  There are other sculptures — residents, athletes, and other park visitors can enjoy them as they take in the beauty of this part of the lakefront.  On a warmer day, I too, will explore them and share my images with you.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these 5* selections.

P.S.  If you know the actual name of the sculpture I referred to as “unity dragonfly”, please respond ot this post to let me know!

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