It’s Cherry Blossom Time — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 132
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 6 (4.5%)

The annual Cherry Blossom Festival is on in DC! If you get the opportunity to enjoy this fabulously beautiful time in our nation’s capital, definitely do it.   I walked around the Tidal Basin enjoying this natural floral finery. As I walked around, I couldn’t help but take in the beauty.

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful part of the city. So, not only did I get a chance to see the blossoms in full bloom for the first time, I caught glimpses of other beautiful elements of the city – the Capitol Building and famed memorials. I hope you enjoy these 5* selections.


  • Climbing Up – On the day that I visited the area, buses of children had arrived in the park, I loved seeing this little red-haired girl climbing the tree.


  • Iconic (1) – The beauty of the location of the cherry trees is that there a few memorials in the same location that are known by their very shape – the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and the Martin Luther King Memorial all can be seen from this grounds, either around the Tidal Basin, or other parts of the park.


  • Iconic (2) – This time, it is the Jefferson Memorial in the background. I love the fact that you can see the blurred outline of the 19-foot statue of Thomas Jefferson, our nation’s foremost statesman in the rotunda.


  • Iconic (3) – Maybe it’s the ingénue in me, but I was so excited to get this image of the plane taking off from Reagan Airport in the background of the Jefferson Memorial! Surely the locals see this all the time, but I don’t, so this was real bonus for me.


  • The Bald Eagle – The District of Columbia really does memorials well. This sculpture, by Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri, was presented to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the naming of the bald eagle as our nation’s symbol. It is located in Pershing Park, near the U. S. Treasury building. I just loved the eagle’s raw energy captured in bronze, from its piercing stare to the grasping claws.


  • Capitol Thru the Mist – The building is strikingly beautiful, and looks magical when seen through the mist coming from the fountain. The day was so clear that the building looked much closer than it actually was.

Looking at these images really brought spring to my heart, even if it is slow coming to Chicago. Hope you these 5* selections.

4 thoughts on “It’s Cherry Blossom Time — 5* Pix

  1. Can’t figure out which pics I like best. The capitol in the mist is, I think, my favorite. But like all of these pics. The plan is a great shot. So … when you entering a competition?

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