Nature’s Ice Sculpture — 5* Pix

No matter how many times I travel along Chicago’s famed Lake Shore Drive on my regular commute, I am constantly amazed at how it changes, how different it looks from week to week (sometimes, from day to day). This past week, the starring feature was the ice covered pier light stand. It stood alone, covered with windblown ice, shaped by the waves splashing over the shores. Arrestingly beautiful.

I knew I had to see it up close, with my camera. I hope you enjoy these 5* images.


  • I Stand Alone – Hard to do this one justice. When I look at this, I see a figure flaunting her beauty and sass for the world to see. Love it!


  • Looking up – When you see something like this fabulous ice sculpture, you have to try to look at it from all sides. I didn’t spend much time under it, because the ice was melting — icicles fell from above right after i moved away.  But I liked seeing the icicles coming through the floor of the light stand.  Imagine how cold the driving wind must have been to achieve this effect with the icicles.


  • Echoes of an Ice Sculpture – I wanted to capture the juxtaposition of the frozen over pier light with its nearly naked counterpart, and wispy smoke rising from the smokestacks in the far background. I liked the imagery and the way they resonate with each other.


  • Real Close – The sun played with us this day, going back and forth behind the clouds. At this point, the sun was out, and the sky was a wonderful blue, contrasting with the ice. Water glistened in the sunlight as it dropped from the end of the icicles.


  • From Afar – ‘This is the sight that captured my attention from the bus while riding along Lake Shore Drive. I could see the structure outlined against the lake and horizon with the golden hued ground providing a nice contrast. It drew me in, and once I saw this, I was determined to go out with the camera.

I hope you enjoyed these 5* images – they were taken on Sunday. Today, Thursday, this spectacular exhibit is over – ice is gone, the brown grass is now green.

8 thoughts on “Nature’s Ice Sculpture — 5* Pix

  1. Brought back winter memories. It really is a striking image! Ice covered life guard station. The irony is not lost.

  2. Girl,

    I’m freezing now after looking at these pictures. Doesn’t help that it’s 29 degrees now. Brrrrrr!
    Very cool pics, though. Like the contrast with the brown grass.

    • KD, I have to say it was quite fun (and sort of chilly) to be out there taking the pix. But like I said, ever so fleeting. All gone now, and the grass has turned green!

      Thanx again for the feedback.

  3. When I saw these, I knew you would capture the images with your lens! 🙂 Beautiful *spring* pics. Thanks for capturing.

  4. It’s amazing what we see through the lens of photography. If only the naked eye could catch such stunning beauty. You continue to show us what beauty is through the surreal- like images that you capture. Thus, the stories surrounding them are worthy and waiting to be told.

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