Closing Day on the Ice Skating Rink – 5* Pix

We have turned the corner on winter. Here in Chicago, while we haven’t had to deal with the legendary snows that Boston has experienced, we have seen our fair share of just plain cold weather. Even in the cold, the City – thru the Chicago Park District — offers a bevy of outdoor activities, the premier of which is ice skating in Millennium Park. Millennium Park is a family-friendly location that easily attracts tourists, locals, and families of all types and sizes during the warmer seasons. And when the skating rink opens during the winter, the crowds continue. On closing day for ice skating, the warmer temperature brought out the crowds for that last bit of winter fun. A lot of laughs with family, friends, and loved ones – hope these 5* glimpses of skaters bring you joy as well. 20150308-IceSkaters_4654

  • Under “the Bean” – the skating rink is located on Michigan Ave., and under the City’s reflecting sculpture “Cloudgate.” People lined up along the rink’s edge waiting for the ice to be groomed. I love the image of the skyline reflecting in the sculptor’s surface, that he sliver of ice you can see as well.


  • Will You Marry Me? – You never know what might happen, and sometimes it happens right next to you! I thought this guy was falling when he dropped down, until he pulled out the little blue box, and began to pull on his now fiancé’s hand. How could she NOT say yes!


  • Whee! – These brothers captivated me by the obvious fun they were having. The younger one looks positively gleeful as he is being pulled around the rink.


  • Laughter is Contagious – I am not sure what happened to precipitate this bout of laughter, but even I enjoyed the moment.


  • Cool – ‘Nuf said. I love a guy who can maintain his cool amongst the revelers, and there is always one in the crowd. This guy was the one for me.


  • Colorful Fashionista – This stylish skater stood out in the crowd. I loved the bright splashes of color. Not only is she dressed for the weather, but she is dressed to impress as well. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person taking fashion notes!

I hope you enjoyed 5* images from this closing day at the ice skating rink.

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