Winter Beauty — 5* Pix

I never tire of waking around my neighborhood on photography excursions, even on these cold winter days.  This week, it has been overcast, but cold. We haven’t had a big snow, but we do have a light snow and ice cover. In seeking some images for this week’s posting, I looked for winter morning images that reminded how much beauty there is to be found in the early light of a winter morning. I hope you enjoy these 5* selections


  • Museum By The Lake – With the morning sun shining on its eastern front, The Museum of Science & Industry seems to glow. I love seeing the museum’s reflection in the lake, even down to the bright white cloud rising behind the museum’s rooftop. The domes are dusted with snow — nature’s “frosting” on this iconic Chicago structure..


  • Cloud Cover – The clouds hovering over Promontory Point seem to touch the tops of the trees. The sun reflecting on the lake lights the clouds from below, making them even whiter. The image is made even more interesting by the faintly tinted hues in the lower sky, and the reflections on the water


  • Backlit –These lakefront high-in the shadow and framed by the trees on the shore. Seeing the buildings in silhouette brings added dimension to the image, showing them in a way you rarely are able to see them..  This would be your perspective if you were sitting in one of the circular barbecue pits dotting the edges of Promontory Point.  Even without seeing the detail of the buildings, one is struck by the beauty of the outline.

I hope you enjoyed 5* images from a beautiful winter morning.

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