A Dove, A Quail, and A Cardinal — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 31
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 6 (19.3 %)

A dove, a quail and a cardinal met at the bar…

Actually in this case, they met at the bird sanctuary. And there I sat, having found a spot to sit, rest and reflect, watching them. I was enjoying the last morning of an intense (but fun) photography course at the Miraval Spa. As I walked around, I found this small bird sanctuary…. I thought I would put some of my learning to the test.

In truth, it wasn’t until I began to look at birds with a photographer’s eye (dare I say I have one?) that I really got more interested in them as photography subjects. Birds present some photography challenges – they move pretty fast, they don’t stop to pose for pictures, sometimes they blend in so well with their environment that you don’t see them. But, if you catch the right moment, or a bird that you don’t see very often outside of a zoo, then it’s on!

That was my experience this spring morning – I had all of the above. Hope you enjoy these 5* selections from my time at the bird sanctuary.


  • Overlooking the Property – This dove perches on the prickly pear cactus, right outside the feeder, and seems to survey its surroundings. I love the light in the background on the trees, and the glow surrounding the cactus leaves.


  • Arriving Home – This image caught my attention because of the backlit feathers, seeming to glow from the sunlight.


  • The Cardinal – Sighting this bright red cardinal was one of my highlights for this outing. I can remember seeing a cardinal only once in Chicago not in a zoo.


  • The Quail – I love the feather sticking out from the head of the quail, and the orange feather cap on its head. And to be honest, I don’t think that I had ever seen a quail before.

20140427-NatGeoDay4_8036 20140427-NatGeoDay4_8035

  • At the Bird Feeder (2) – In this first image, I love the shadow of the dove shown on the front of the feeder. In the 2nd image, this reminds me of the value of community, where the birds gather for their food.

I hope you enjoyed this view from the grounds of the Miraval bird sanctuary. For me, it was a bonus from an already picture-filled weekend!

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