Christmas Presence At Grant Park Skate Park — 5* Pix

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Christmas Day in Chicago, and the temp is in the mid-40’s. Despite the fact that it was a holiday, I knew skaters, bikers and skateboarders would find a way to the new skate park (just as I did)!  Their presence was a true gift for me!

I am drawn to this skate park first because of its location – right downtown, nestled where you can see the beautiful Chicago skyline, easily accessed by all. Second, because of its scale – so many features in the expansive 3 acres! Give a man (or woman) some room!

Well the athletes were out, not as many as the first time I went. But since the park is new to me, the smaller crowd gave me an opportunity to scope out the location, and to get a closer view of the stunts. Well, here you go – hope you like skate parks!


  • Nestled Under the High Rises – Looking north from Roosevelt Road, extreme athletes can see some of the city’s iconic high rises – Trump Tower, Crain;s Communications Building (with the diamond shaped roof), the Aon Building, the Palmer House Hilton – all can easily be seen and recognized.


  • Up the Half Pipe – This skate boarder is almost horizontal after he reaches the top of this feature and turns around.


  • Green Cap – This skateboarder daringly tried every feature, and I just spent my time trying to follow him. In this jump, his jump is fairly high above the ramp.  With his bright green cap, he was easy to spot.!


  • Wheels’ Up – This biker lifts his bike to a near 45 degree angle as he jumps the step.


  • Ridin’ the Ramp – This biker is riding up the ramp using the front wheel peg. I love the shadow of the biker on ground.


  • Look, No Hands! – This biker, while his bike was in the air, turned the font wheels around. I was very excited to see that I had caught this action. You can’t see that the wheel is in motion, but you can see the black gloved hands are NOT on the handlebar.


  • Junior Skate Boarder – Watching …learning…

Well, I am sure this will not be the last time I indulge myself with a photo opportunity at the Grant Park Skate Park. I’m looking forward to the next ones. In the meantime, enjoy these 5* selections!

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