Grant Park Skate Park — 5* Pix

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It’s open!

The newly built skate park in Chicago’s Grant Park is now open, as promised by the Chicago Park District in its groundbreaking ceremony. I missed the opening day, but as soon as I could (which happened to be this past Saturday), I was there! At 3 acres, the scale of the downtown skate park is just awesome! Rails. Stairs. Launchers. Banks. Elevated banks. Step ups. Roll-in ramps. All the features rollerbladers, skateboarders and stunt bike riders want in a skate park. And on Saturday the energy and enthusiasm was palpable in the air.

Previous readers of this blog might note that I have described some of my most fun photography days as those spent at the skate park. It is a great way to test my reflexes and the ability to catch the action — bikers turning in the air… skateboarders jumping a ramp or riding the rails … extreme sport athletes cheering a great move… The athletes are also just captivating to watch – the act of practicing their craft, seeking to improve the jumps, twists, rolls is fascinating to me, and I just can’t believe I live in a city with easy access to a park side seat.

Clearly, I could go on and on, but will stop and let these 5* selections from my outing speak for me:

20141213-Roosevelt SkatePark_2620

  • In the Loop – Flanked by Roosevelt road and a selection of Chicago high rises, you can see the scale of the skate park. While crowded, there is enough room for wheels of all types. Nestled at the southern edge of the Chicago ‘Loop’ area, it is easily accessed by train, bus, car, bike, or by foot.

20141213-Roosevelt SkatePark_2708

  • Up and Over – This young skateboard athlete is up in the air, making the leap over this step in the banked feature.

20141213-Roosevelt SkatePark_2733

  • Riding the Rails – This skateboarder rides this rail feature using the flat surface of the board, propelled by the momentum of his jump speed.

20141213-Roosevelt SkatePark_2731


20141213-Roosevelt SkatePark_2734

  • Ramp Jump – Throughout the day, the skateboarders saluted the well-executed jumps – clapping, shouting, high-fiving each other. This group looks on with appreciation at the red shirted skateboarder jumps high over the ramp.

20141213-Roosevelt SkatePark_2769


  • Getting Ready – This same skateboarder looks on, intensely preparing for his next move. The face says it all.

20141213-Roosevelt SkatePark_2756

  • Jumping UP the Ramp –– This skateboarder, also seen in this post riding the rails, is jumping up the ramp, while others look on from the background.

This first outing wasn’t perfect. But I could see that I will definitely be back, and will definitely spend more quality time trying to catch the action. Enjoy!

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