Color and Light at Methodist Tabernacle – 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 102
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 13 (13 %)

“Did you see the picture of the church structure on display on Circuit Ave?”

That innocent question inspired me to look at the open air worship space in the Methodist Camp Meeting Association with a new eye – my photographer’s eye. The City of Oak Bluffs on the island of Martha’s Vineyard is home to the Methodist Camp Meeting Association, and its open air worship space, the Methodist Tabernacle. This wonderful structure just begs to be photographed – colored glass windows, shingled roof, a dome with a cross that sits loftily above the trees. Could I – photographer in search of her photographic “voice” — find a way to share my view of this structure?

I photographed it at different times – late morning, evening, dusk – just to see what images I could create. Here are my 5* selections of the Tabernacle:

  • From the Outside – The Tabernacle, first built in 1879, was fully restored (and upgraded) in 1979. As you walk up to it, the amazingly pretty open air structure welcomes one to enter – with signs such as the one that reads “The Spirit of the Lord is in this place”20140922-MV2014_0670
  • At Sunset – With the sun glowing thru the trees, the light glowing on the flag, and around the edges of the building, highlighting key architectural details.



  • Under the Shelter – The trusses in the structure brightened and colored by the sunlight coming thru the colored glass windows.


20140923-MV2014_0799 20140922-MV2014_0690

  • Thru the Glass– Besides creating a colorful border around the rooftop, these colored glass windows cast patterns of color and light throughout the structure; at different times, I found fascination with light and color on the pews, the trusses, and in the shadows.


20140922-MV2014_0659 20140922-MV2014_0542


As you can see, I was fascinated with the Methodist Tabernacle and the patterns of color created by light thru the windows.  I loved the grandeur of the structure, and the beauty in the detail.  Hope you too, enjoy these 5 * selections.

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