Stroll in the Lurie Garden — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 23
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 6 (26 %)

As summer flowers fade away to shades of brown from their vibrant hues, Chicago’s parks are still exploding with color. The Lurie Garden in Millennium Park is a wonderful backdrop to public art displays, has a myriad of paths for families and couples to explore, and provides a colorful background for family photos – a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city just blocks away. This crisp fall day, I took a short stroll thru this peaceful park, and I came away with these 5* selections:

  • Awilda – “Looking into my Dreams, Awilda”, a larger than life creation by Jaume Plensa, graces the entry to Millennium Park. She’ll be here until December 2015, but she is what drew my attention to the park this day, and led me to walk thru the Lurie Garden


  • Path to the Art Institute – Alongside the Lurie Garden is a path to the new wing of the Art Institute. The walkway is flanked by the trees with red, green and a smattering of gold leaves, cushioning the gardens against the noises of the city.


  • Faded Glory (3) – The cone flowers, normally pink and orange, are now brown.  The lilac thistle are a nice reminder of the summer flowers in the garden.   Other flowers are a faded mixture of gold and red. Though faded, their beauty remains.

20141019-MillnPark_1975 20141019-MillnPark_1982 20141019-MillnPark_1979

  • Plensa on the Walkway — These additional sculptural figure, again larger than life, grace the walkway surrounding the Lurie Garden.  The four sculptures are a part of the 10th anniversary celebration for the opening of Millennium Park, which features other works by the artist.



  • Photo Op – Hard to go wrong with this lush mix of colorful trees, bushes, grasses and flowers as the background to the family photo.


What a beautiful fall day in the Lurie Garden. Hope you enjoy these 5* selections!

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