Martha’s Vineyard Fall Floral Finery – 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 350
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 21 (7.1 %)

Blue berries. Orange berries. Deep red leaves. Yellow,…pink chrysanthemums. Porches filled flowers. Daisies creating an explosion of yellow. Deep red wild plum berries. Red maple leaves. Fields of native grasses. All entranced me while I was on Martha’s Vineyard. So I couldn’t resist sharing these 5* images. Even now, I am reminded of the colorful fall days on Martha’s Vineyard….

  • Flowers From the Daily Walk – Most mornings, I forced myself to leave the camera at the house while I took a daily 5 to 6 mile power walk. This time, I took the camera with me, and after I had completed 4 miles, I started snapping away. I couldn’t resist the close up views of the local floral finery!
  • Even the Leaves are Pretty – What powerful colors and lighting! I couldn’t help but include the images of the leaves.
  • Berries, berries, berries – Then there were the berries… all kinds and colors, each one more captivating than the next. The organ berries looked like micro-tomatoes.  The purple and green ones were just gorgeous. And the blue berries amidst the red leaves? Wow, what a pop of color.

We know the northeast for its fall finery due to the leaves changing colors, but rarely think about this colorful area because of the flowers. Well here they are (some of them anyway) in their 5* glory! Enjoy!

20140924-MV2014_0911 20140922-MV2014_0741 20140922-MV2014_0565 20140922-MV2014_0563 20140922-MV2014_0742


20140925-MV2014_1227 20140924-MV2014_1029 20140922-MV2014_0647

20140925-MV2014_1277 20140925-MV2014_1223 20140925-MV2014_1235 20140924-MV2014_1035 20140925-MV2014_1268

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