2014 Chicago Marathon — 24 Mile Vantage Point — 5* Pix

I admire marathon runners.

While I struggle to put one foot in front of the other for a one mile run, marathoners do that for 26.2 miles (and we won’t even talk about the ultra-marathoners!). They train regularly, have a structured approach to achieving their goal. And if they tire out before they reach the end, they tap into their inner resources – in short, their warrior within – to complete the race. I admire them for finding the warrior and for running! 

I positioned myself at the 24 mile mark for this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon, in the midst of Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood, and used that vantage point to try to capture images of the runners. The “warriors”, as I called them, came in all shapes and sizes, from:

  • #OwnChicago – For the 2nd year in a row, the city exhorts the runners to own this race! I love that!
  • The Cheerleaders – the friends and family members who came by to encourage their beloved runner, evidenced by these girls who created pyramid for their Dad.
  • The Front Runners – Both male and female, who seemingly ran alone as they achieved their landmark race times. They moved as if in a blur, sometimes coming so fast, all I could get was their back. Even from the back, the play of muscles in action makes for a beautiful image.
  • Racers With Physical Disabilities – These racers used hand cycles – the training for those on hand cycles must be just as rigorous. I was in awe!
  • The Characters– There are always runners that seem to have fun with the marathon by wearing costumes — Disney, comic book or cartoon characters seemed popular — or even juggling. I can’t imagine the effort to run, much less trying to juggle at the same time!

The faces of the runners spoke volumes – from the closed eye concentration to heads down determination to the smile of knowing you are nearly done and will definitely be able to make it – it was all there at the 24 mile mark.  Read the faces, join the excitement, and enjoy these 5* selections from the Chicago Marathon.





20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1700 20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1662 20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1589 20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1813 20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1776 20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1716

20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1816 20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1866


20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1655 20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1944 20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1783 20141012-ChiMarathon2014_1752


2 thoughts on “2014 Chicago Marathon — 24 Mile Vantage Point — 5* Pix

  1. Indeed. So inspirational. The lead woman from Kenyan–her legs are amazing (and this explains why/how it looks so easy when she runs!). Great pics that capture what running means. Nice!!

    • JRJ –Thanx so much for the feedback. Glad you like the pix. And yes, the muscles of that front runner were totally fabulously defined. Happy to hear that you thought it captured what running means. Thanx so much.

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