Golden Days of Summer — 5* Pix

20140720-Lakefrnt Walk_0025

20140720-Lakefrnt Walk_0015

20140720-Lakefrnt Walk_0019

20140720-Lakefrnt Walk_0033

20140720-Lakefrnt Walk_0039

Total Shots taken 91
Number Acceptable for Future activity 14
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 5 (5.5 %)

It hasn’t been the hottest of summers here in the Windy City. In fact, we have had one of the cooler summers on record and plenty of rain. For us, for an all too brief two to three week period, that also meant and abundance of summer flowers. Roadside. Street medians. Highway entrances. Native flower gardens. The splash of color – on this day, mostly gold, some burgundy, and white, mixed in with native field grasses – made for wonderful bursts of color on city streets and along Lake Shore Drive. The abundance of flowers and plants are part of what makes the city so attractive. Kudos to the landscape architects who design these roadsides, medians and street scapes – they do a 5* job!

Sunday morning walk – color for the day was gold – here are my 5* selections:

  • Roadway Entrance – This area has a canopy of trees and a blanket of flowers gracing the entrance to Lake Shore Drive, perking up the commute into downtown. Across the road, that little speck of teal is a person on the lakefront biking/walking/running path.  
  • Golden Lily — The vibrant color of this lily takes the breath away, as a single flower, or when gathered amongst its fellow blooms.
  • Layers of Flowers – Golden lilies. White hydrangea. Native wheat grass. These layers make a wonderful blanket of flowers on the hillside leading to the clouds.
  • Butterfly – The colors in this monarch butterfly echo the colors in the purple coneflower, but still make for a wonderful contrast in the field of flowers.

Another walk along the beautifully adorned lake shore. Hope you enjoy these 5* selections!

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