A “Moment” At The Aquarium



A seasoned photographer once told me to always be prepared for “the moment,” that split second where the subjects come together to make the image special. “Moments” occur all the time, all around us — I can only hope I am fortunate enough to have my camera with me, and that I have the ‘eye’ to spot it.  On a recent trip to Shedd Aquarium, I kept my camera ready  just in case I caught a moment that had the makings of a 5* image. Here are two “moments” from that visit:

  • A Moment In Silhouette  – There is a whole story that can be told about this image, even if you can’t see the faces of the individuals. This little boy, thoughtfully watches the dolphin in the tank, sits comfortably between his two caretakers. They seem to flank him protectively. I looked up, observing a truly peaceful and tranquil moment, where the child seems to be mesmerized —  awestruck even — as he looks on, with his finger to his mouth. 
  • Jellyfish Jewel Cap —  The Shedd has an extensive experiential display on jellyfish, including them in their varying sizes, which can range from very small (pinhead size), to very large (they have a model of a full-sized one with a 30-foot tail in the ceiling). This spotted jellyfish reminded me of a pearl-encrusted skull cap. Not momentous, just strikingly pretty!

Hope you enjoyed these brief moments!

2 thoughts on “A “Moment” At The Aquarium

  1. Nice! We had a great time when we went with our cousin a few weeks ago. The jellyfish were particularly spectacular. Glad you had a good time.

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