Starved Rock State Park: A Slice of the Grandeur – 5* Pix








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Starved Rock is such a beautiful state park that I had to try to show some images that would display some of the grandeur of the location. It is going to take several visits to actually do that, because you need to show multiple seasons, multiple hikes on different trails, and see other canyons. I am excited for a fall hike.

 The day before this hike, we were told it was pretty muddy. That the trail we would otherwise have hiked was closed, due to fallen trees. So these images can only show a slice of the grandeur – with that as a caveat, here are my 5* selections.


  • Trees in the Path: Yes, the park advisers were right. There were many branches down on the trails, so this image is pretty typical of what we saw and trekked through. Doesn’t seem so bad until you realize that two of the small specks of green in the background are other hikers.
  • Kaskaskia Canyon: Wow! This is what 125 feet deep looks like, just in case you wondered.
  • Purple Coneflowers: This native Illinois flower was just showing off its colors!
  • Thru the Trees – I love the layers of rock, and the colors you can see where the light hits the side of the canyon.
  • Pelicans Formation –– I love these pelicans, flying in formation

 Starved Rock — just a ‘slice’ of the grandeur. I hope you enjoy these 5* selections!

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