Starved Rock State Park — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 383
Number Acceptable for Future activity 13
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 21 (5.5 %)


Starved Rock State Park is one of the most visited parks in the state of Illinois. I had been there once before for a meeting, but this was my first time visiting as a tourist and hiker. The park offers daily guided hikes for a nominal fee, and I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity and make it a photo hike.

It was a beautiful 80-degree day. Because of rainstorms earlier in the week, our guide took us to the lesser walked trails on the eastern side of the park — Ottawa, Kaskaskia, and Illinois Canyons. My intent was to come back with fabulous shots of the canyons, which are 125 feet deep. But I found the beauty of the place in some of the details – the flowers, the birds, the falls, reflections, the rocks, and the sand. Here are some of my 5* selections:

  • Flowering Bush Reflection – With all the water in the canyons, there were many reflections that caught my attention.  The reflection of this white flowering shrub in the water was fascinating.  The tree branch behind the reflection helped to hold back murkier water, leaving this small pool for a clear reflection.
  • Stone Table Reflection –  In this image, the white stone (especially with the reflected bottom) reminded me of a designer table I had once seen. Maybe the designers had THIS as their inspiration.
  • Leaves In The Sand – The sand from this region is formed into micro crystalline spheres, and is very soft. What I liked about this image was the softness that seems to show thru.
  • Tree Under The Fall– One of the stories of this hike was the number of fallen trees throughout the park. Our guide mentioned that this was only the 2nd time in the life of the park that trails had bene closed. One of these tries had fallen under the stream of water, and I loved the contrasts created by the water hitting the tree, the light reflecting off the water and the wet tree bark.
  •  Under The Fall– Had it not been for the earlier rain that I mentioned, there would have been no falls. According to our guide, at this time of year, it is typically dry, and you don’t see the falls. I stood in the space under the falls, looked up, and saw this image. Wonderful!!

Well Starved Rock was an amazing location. I had lots of fun, and will post other images from this trek. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these 5* selections.


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