Daphne Garden — 5* Pix








Total Shots taken 85
Number Acceptable for Future activity 13
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 6 (7.1 %)


Northerly Island (that little island just east of Soldier Field stadium in Chicago that used to be an airport) is undergoing a transformation. In a few weeks, it will fully reopen – reborn as an urban campground. Well, I can’t wait for that to happen, and when it does, my camera and I will be there! For now though, I wanted to visit the Daphne Garden located there, partially to make sure it would still be there in this new urban campground.


I was pleased to find the Daphne Garden remains! This public art installation features three female figures, created by sculptor Dessa Kirk, seemingly dancing among the prairie grass and flowers. Usually they are dancing in front of the Chicago skyline, but on this foggy Sunday, they are just dancing! Well, with such great works of art, it wasn’t hard to get 5* pix, it was hard to down-select.

  • Dancing in the Mist – I love this image with one Daphne in the foreground, and the other training. They seem to be coming out of the mist. I love the mist surrounding the trees in the background, and the yellow flowers providing a pop of color in the fog.
  • Solo Performance — I can almost hear the music. Can you?
  • The Dance Continues – As does the music…
  • Breaking Free – This Daphne figure seems to be breaking away, freeing herself of her bindings to thrust ahead, moving forward.
  • To the Heavens – This image reminds me of a gospel song where listeners are encouraged to “lift up your heads”. I imagine the Daphne encouraging those around her to lift their heads, for any of a number of reasons, all of which result in a gaze towards the heavens, stars and universe.

The story of Daphne is from Greek mythology. It is the story of a woman pursued by Apollo, whose father turned her into a laurel tree to protect her. The base of these figures to allow plants – when I first saw them, it was in the full bloom of summer and flowers had grown up the base, turning it into a skirt of leaves and blooms.   With or without the flowers, foggy day, or clear, these figures are always 5* images.

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