100 Days to Peace Day – 5* Pix








Total Shots taken 238
Number Acceptable for Future activity 58
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 6 (2.5%)


This year marks the 36th annual local observation of Peace Day in Chicago. Peace Day focuses on building peace throughout the world (find out more at www.buildthepeace.org). In the Chicago Peace Day celebration, a cornerstone element is the flag ceremony where participants say a wish for peace in every country recognized by the United Nations, repeating the phrase “May Peace Be In …[name of country].”

The Peace School in Chicago (a United Nations Peace Messenger organization), is ramping up to lead the celebration on Friday, September 19, 2014. One of the momentum-building events hosted by the Peace School happens at the 100 day point – announcing the upcoming Peace Day in 100 days.

I challenged myself to show a subtle view of the 100 day event, one that provided just a glimpse. The 100 Day celebration was simple – fun and games for children, an opening and closing reception with food, and a wish for peace for all countries. Here are my 5* selections:

  • Our Hands Make Peace – With this activity, children make a paper cutout of their hand, and decorate the cutout with a personal note about peace. The hands are then mounted on a communal poster.
  •  o   #1 – the image shows one child creating his hand art. “Peace is …awesome! …great! …good! …energizing!”
    o   #2 – the finished poster
  • Peace Mantra – It is an awesome opportunity to say (or writes) a message of peace. In this exercise, children write a wish for peace in the circular format.   The pink and green ink on this circular mantra makes the words stand out – and the neat lettering shows the child’s concentration.  i loved this image showing the mantra in progress.
  • Flags Of The World – The flags of the world are featured as a visible representation of a country’s citizens and residents. I love this image of the flags, some in focus, but others a blur of color in the background.
  • Flags On The World (Map) – These flags are created by children, and placed on a world map. The stick holding each flag has a message “Peace in [Country name], which in the case of those flags, — Sweden, Russia, Germany, Libya, and Brazil,  This child places the Russian flag of his heritage on the map.

We are now less than 100 days to local celebration, Peace Day in Chicago as recognized by the United Nations. Hope to see you there!

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