Arizona Horse Ranch — 5* Pix

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Total Shots taken 627
Number Acceptable for Future activity 3
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 3 (0.5%)


In two earlier posts, I mentioned my recent Arizona trip. One of the locations we visited was an Arizona ranch, where we had the chance to photograph horses in action. This was really the first time I tried to capture images of horses in action – galloping in the fenced in yard, trotting through water, walking sedately through the ranch grounds, or simply standing in the stalls.  As I found out, trying to capture great images of fast moving animals is no easy task!  In the over 600 images, I had plenty of blurred, “almost..”, and just plain bad images.  I did have a few I liked , and which i selected as my top images to share:

  • The Race – It is always an eye catching to watch the horses gallop. In this image, you can see the moving energy – dust, the movement of the legs, the clarity of the horses against the blur of the surrounding trees, the contrast of the light horse against the dark one. These additional aspects make this image magical.
  • Tina – This image of Tina on the horse is just pretty. The colors are wonderful, the simplicity of rider and horse caught in their own world, the contrast of the colors, the hair of the horse’s mane as it is being lifted by the breeze.
  • Echoes – In this image, I liked the fact that Tina’s arm ash she is reaching over the horse echoes the gap seen in the curved opening in the cactus shown in the foreground of the image.

This may be the last of the Arizona series – I hope you have had as much fun viewing them, as I did capturing the images and choosing these 5* selections.


5 thoughts on “Arizona Horse Ranch — 5* Pix

  1. Love the racing horses !! (and the prickly cactus). Of course, I started viewing this YouTube ad, thought you had produced it (a slow start to the day for me, clearly!). Did you take any shots from the horse (i.e., while riding? or did you guys not ride). Again, cool pics.

  2. Love the ranch and the skate park pics. You really are out there doing your thang! Yay, Ivy!!!



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