Burnham Skate Park — 5* Pix








Total Shots taken 319
Number Acceptable for Future activity 13
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 4 (1.3%)

The Burnham Skate Park is one of the gems gracing the lakefront park near the 31st Street pier, along Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. It is well known to the myriad of (mostly male) teen and young adults who bring their roller blades, skate boards, and stunt bikes anytime the weather is good. The skate park has pyramids, walls, half pikes, and lots of edge and rail features for stunt moves. I am ever searching for that elusive ‘great action’ image at the skate park—in this posting I am chronicling some results from my search. Hope you enjoy these 5* selections.

  • Skate Park Landscape – On a beautiful day, all the payers come out – roller blade, skateboards, and bikes. In this image, the guy on the roller blades, being watched by the biker, as the skateboarder walks away to set up another run – a trifecta! This is what the skate park was made for!
  • Red Cap – I love this skate boarder! He’s riding the rail with the flat side of his board, and totally engrossed. I noticed him first because of the red cap, but loved watching him ride this rail feature at the park.
  • Bike On the Edge – I’m sure each of these moves has a name, using stunt bike lingo, but I’m old school – I’d call it a wheelie.  Technically, this isn’t a wheelie, because the biker is actually riding along on a metal stabilizer tube moving along the edge, rather than one of the wheels.  The skateboarder walks alongside, heading to his hangout point.
  • In the Mix – This biker is in the air as he rides towards the crow, and is clarly mixing it up with all with his showmanship.
  • Over the Rim – The skate park has a kidney bowl shaped feature as well. In this image, the biker turns his bike in midair above the flat surface, and heads back down into the bowl.

When I put this assemblage together, I realized just how many times I have gone to the Burnham Skate Park, in that never-ending search mentioned earlier. So, this won’t be the only time for these guys – I warn you. In the meantime, enjoy these 5* selections.

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