Ceremony At The Kiva Circle — 5* Pix

20140425-NatGeo Day1_6939 20140425-NatGeo Day1_7414


20140425-NatGeo Day1_6989


20140425-NatGeo Day1_7572

Total Shots taken 739
Number Acceptable for Future activity 9
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 9 (1.2%)


Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a photography workshop in Arizona. One of the highlights of the workshop was a Native American ceremonial presentation held at the Kiva Circle. With the Santa Catalina Mountain range near Tucson providing a picturesque backdrop, the Kiva Circle is magical – a place for meditation, contemplation, celebration. The ceremonial presentation I attended was hosted by a Native American who brought the traditions his father taught him to us, celebrating the earth and the heavens, the flora and the fauna, humans and their spiritual ancestors.

In some ways, as I took pictures, I wanted to stop, listen to, and watch the presentation, so I could focus on his words. When I realized this was intended to be in integrative experience, I relaxed, with the knowledge that those words that were intended to resonate with me would. Well, I can’t share with you his words (that’s another blog, not this one), but I can share with you are some of my 5* images from the ceremony:

  • Prayerful Beginnings – Tony, our leader for that event, started with a prayer, asking for guidance for all of us in our endeavors, whatever those endeavors may be. I loved this shot which featured the authentic native garb he wore for the event.
  • Music Makes the Moment Throughout the ceremonial presentation, Tony used a variety of musical instruments to establish the atmosphere and bring his stories to life.
  • Purification – At one point, Tony burned herbs (sage?) in a stone bowl, using a feather to fan the smoke, a traditional Native American purification method, cleansing the area to make room for blessings to all who were there.
  • The Kiva Circle – This circular maze, built of rocks, was billed as a meditative spot, giving one opportunity for peaceful meditation or reflection. I love seeing this in the background.

These images show some of the details that made the event so special. For me, they also represent 5* memories!

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