Glimpses of Seattle — 5* Pix — Revamped

20130217-Seattle Pix_005

20130217-Seattle Pix_065

20130217-Seattle Pix_097


20130217-Seattle Pix_117

20130217-Seattle Pix_110


20130217-Seattle Pix_132



Total Shots taken 125
Number Acceptable for Future activity 15
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 5 (4%)

 Update (5/9/2014):

After attending  a photography workshop, I had the photos on my blog posts reviewed to see how I might improve them.  It is amazing what a little cropping can do!  The good news is — I had the elements right in the photos, i just needed to emphasize different aspects of the images.  From time to time, I will revamp my 5* images like this.  Hope you enjoy the results!

Seattle is one of my favorite cities. In many ways, it reminds me of Chicago. It is a fairly large city, with a small town feel, placed in gorgeous part of the county, right next to a large body of water, is very walkable with several local attractions, and loves its public art! OK, those are just a few of the things – I am sure that I could find more things that I think the two cities have in common. Rather than bore you with my list, I thought I would take this opportunity to show some images taken during a 2013 visit to the city. I had spent a few days with friends, one of whom took it upon herself to take me to some of her favorite spots to take photographs.

It was an amazing trip, and she knew just where to go. We first stopped at a small park near Pike Street Market that overlooked the highway and Puget Sound. From there we went to the Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located. By the time we arrived at the lookout point on Queen Anne Hill, it dark, and the city lights were beautiful. I have always loved the city, but this trip gave me an opportunity to see the Emerald City at its best. Here are my 5* selections from that visit:

  • Overlooking Puget Sound – in this image, taken from a lookout point near Pike Street Market, you can see the sun setting over the water. Two ships are approaching from the west, and you can see an island and clouds along the horizon.
  • Art in the Park – This sculpture “Olympic Iliad” by Alexander Liberman, is meant to be walked around and underneath for enjoyment. A great structure for art enthusiasts — its red tubes draw you to it; the fact that it is nestled among the trees makes it even more inviting and approachable.
  • Chihuly Upright (Revamped)– This tall Chihuly glass tree-like sculpture with its glass tendrils pointing outward and upward just glows in the dusk. This sculpture, as well as others shown with this series, are by the glass artist Dale Chihuly, for an exhibit “Chihuly: Garden and Glass” – seem to be at their finest in the low evening light.  I love the red fronds
  • Chihuly Thru the Trees (Revamped)– Again, the low light just allows these glass structures to glow. The golden sphere looks like a fireball, but is really composed of many curling glass tendrils. It stands on a mound outside the Glasshouse. Not to be outdone, the red glass structure inside appears to float near the interior ceiling of the Glasshouse. Only when you are close, do you see that the large structure is made of colorful glass flowers melded together. The Chihuly exhibit is at the Seattle Center, on the grounds near the Space Needle.
  • Space Needle (Revamped) – Speaking of the Space Needle, here it is, in half its glory, seen from the bottom. No trip to Seattle would be complete without seeing this amazing structure. In this image, I love the way you can see the light glowing around the inner circle, and the lights that lead the eye upward to the center.  The Space Needle is so recognizable that you don’t have to see it in its entirety to know it.
  • Lights of the City (Revamped)– This view from Queen Anne Hill is an iconic, beautiful skyline image, and it is only enhanced by the evening colors in the sky.  With the lighted space needle on the left towering over other buildings in the skyline, the muted purples of the evening sky stand out even more.

These few images show only a small portion of the City’s beauty, and the things I love about the city. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of Seattle, and these 5* selections.


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