Some Days You Just Wanna Take Pictures – 5* Pix






Total Shots taken:                                                   128
Number Acceptable for Future activity:                 9
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %):                    4 (3.1%)

This past Sunday was the 35th anniversary of the Shamrock Shuffle race in Chicago. We were blessed with a beautiful but chilly day… race time temp in the 30’s, bright sunshine, some wind (but not too much)… the birds were out early, and so was I. It was a beautiful. I had committed to take pictures of a friend who was running in the Shamrock Shuffle. As I walked along the lake front to get near the race finish line, I passed many a photo op – all of which I knew that if I stopped to take the picture, I might miss my friend.

Well, to make a long story short, I did make it to the finish point of the race, got a few shots of my friend (yay!). Of course, then I just wanted to take some pictures. I had taken only a few by the time I saw my friend, so I didn’t get many of the race –  a few few of the crowd, one or two brightly dressed runners, otherwise, that was it. So as we walked around, heading for breakfast, I tried to get in a few more shots. It was my lucky day, and the Robert Morris University sailing team was out practicing on the lake. So I spent a few minutes capturing images of these sailing exercises while the boats were close to the shore.

Here are my 5* selections from the “just wanna take pictures” outing:

  • More than Just Green – The one thing about the Shamrock Shuffle, you can guarantee that there will be runners wearing green, celebrating St. Patrick. Well this runner, really outdid himself – not only did he have three flags (the flags of Ireland, US, and Make a WishTM Foundation), he was resplendent in green, right down to the kilt. Can’t be mad at him for that!
  • All Together Now! – I loved catching the sail boats in a cluster, with the buildings of Navy Pier (with its unmistakable tower in the background. The colorful numbers on the sails make them even more eye-catching.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – One of the exercises the crews practiced was how to right-side the boat – you can see clearly the crew members leaning in opposing directions to offset the lean. NO ONE wants to fall into the cold lake.
  • Sailing – This just looks like fun – but I know they are cold and working!
  • Reflections – No longer on the lakefront, we walked through Millennium Park and the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. As we did, I couldn’t help but notice the reflection of the Gehry-designed architectural structure and theater chairs on the glass enclosure on the stage (see a full shot of this structure in my posting “Postcards from Spring, 2/25/2014 ).

These were my quick shots on a beautiful day, just trying to have fun. Enjoy!


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