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Yes, we HAVE been having an old-fashioned winter in Chicago.  One that includes colder than cold temperatures, strong, blustery winds, and record snows.  But if you live here, you learn how to do what you love in spite of the temperature – winter and summer, from surfing (see my post on the Windy City Surfers) to biking, skiing and just plain walking the dog.  What does an avid athlete do in this old school winter?  Take a look at these intrepid winter warriors to see:

  • Bike the Path  – As I neared the end of the pure exercise portion of my walk, I pulled off to the side of the bike path to set up my camera.  I looked up, saw the biker in the distance, along with some walkers.  Against the snow, the yellow jersey worn by the biker stood out, even from afar.  I quickly assembled the camera, and started taking pictures.  Despite the snow all around, the bike path was clear – cold weather, and inches of new snow didn’t stop this winter warrior!
  • Ski the Lakefront #1 – Never a surprise to see skiers where there is fresh powder, right?  Well the 4 to 7 inches of snow that the weather front brought to the lakefront was just an invitation to try it out.  What was great was that I loved seeing the dark blue outerwear contrasting against the field  the freshly fallen snow, with the ice covered lake in the background and the brown native grasses adding texture.
  • Ski the Lakefront #2 –Much to my pleasure and surprise, two skiers crossed paths, within minutes of my seeing the first one.   I loved just trying to catch the action of them crossing paths.
  • Ski the Lakefront #3 – Of course, a skier wearing a hat like this is bound to catch your attention anyway (or at least he caught mine). He made a striking figure as she moved along the lakefront ski path (who knew we even had that?).  if you look closely, you can see the snow he kicked up as he moved briskly along.
  • Play with Dog — Not to be outdone by the cross country skiers, this walker had on traditional snow shoes.  During the ‘pure exercise’ portion of  the walk, I had seen her stop at the top of the hill and put on the snow shoes, her dog waiting for her, sometimes patiently standing, and at other times, excitedly running back and forth.  Your eyes are drawn to the pink and green Frisbee in the dog’s mouth.
  • Run – Yes, the runners were out as well.  I love this painted restroom facility in the background.  The runner, whose legs you can also see in the reflection in the puddle of water, is wearing blue – his colors seem to coordinate well with the background.
  • Walk the Dog – As I finished my walk, I looked across the park, and saw another woman with her dog.  I loved the canopy of trees around her, and the expanse of white in the foreground, as she turned to talk with the animal.

Clearly these are intrepid winter warriors, who seemed to relish in the old school winter – or at least they didn’t let the weather stop them from their pursuits!

3 thoughts on “Winter Warriors — 5* Pix

  1. And the guy in the blue, I swear he passed me a couple of times! 🙂 EyePointOfView taking a picture of a dog. I see a dog in your future. Loved the pic of the pouch with the pink frisbee.

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