Windy City Surfers

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Total Shots taken 116
Number Acceptable for Future activity 41
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 19 (16.4%)

As I looked out my window this wintry afternoon, staring at the angry lake – wind blowing in from the east, creating big waves with whitecaps, I was reminded of another windy morning where the lake had similar whitecaps…. But that day was different — it was a summer day, and the surfers were out.  So, as a counter point to today, when we had the season’s first real snow in Chicago, I thought I would share my pix of some “windy city” surfers.

I can usually see the surfers from my kitchen window, and it was a great surprise to me when I saw the surfers in Lake Michigan.  I cancelled my plans for a 5 mile walk and instead, embraced the photo opportunity this presented.

  • 5* Surfing Day – This day was at the end of the summer, and the cloudy sky, somewhat overcast in nature, was a prominent feature as well.  It wouldn’t be right to show the surfers, but not show how the morning sky looked, and how the conditions for this morning of surfing appeared.
  • Getting Ready – Over time, I learned that when a surfer prepared to catch a wave, he or she crouched first on the board, and then stood to take the wave head on.  This surfer looks prepared to stand.
  • Perfect Form? – Great form, I thought!  I love the way the surfer is stretched out on the board.  (I’m no surfer, so you surfers out there, let me know if this is great form or not!)
  • Catching the Wave 1 – This colorfully dressed surfer made a striking figure in the water, especially in contrast to the others wearing black wetsuits.   He caught some great waves, and the water droplets around him give it a magical look.
  • Catching the Wave 2 – I loved this guy!  I know it is the same one because he had the green surfboard.  He made for great watching and photography.  I especially loved the fact that you could see the crops of water leaving his hands and body.
  • Long Day Surfing – I know I was taking photos for a couple of hours, and the surfers were out there a while before I arrived.   I imagine that the surfers tired after a while as well.  This photo, showing the silhouette of one surfer looking down and another, looking on, struck me as a time of rest.  While I don’t know what they were thinking, my thought is that they were taking a much needed break after some exhilarating efforts.

Some people don’t believe there is surfing on Lake Michigan – these images are proof there is.  I don’t know what I enjoyed more – finding out there is a surfing community in Chicago, or just taking the pictures.  Either way, I had a HARD time selecting my 5* shots – I hope you thought I selected some gems.

One thought on “Windy City Surfers

  1. ALL I am gonna say is “Brrrrr…” While I know these are summer shots, look forward to your winter shots (know from your previous pics that you capture the winter surfers too-look forward to those).

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