31st Street Harbor (Chicago) — 5* Pix

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Total Shots taken 149
Number Acceptable for Future activity 56
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 14 (10%)

Chicago’s 31st Street Harbor was completed in 2012, and is one of the City’s newest harbors.  It was built using eco-friendly techniques, and has a mix of features to entertain families, boaters, singles, athletes, outdoor and cultural enthusiasts, among others.    By 2013, many boaters had decided to dock there and the harbor had become a destination place in the city.  When it first opened, I couldn’t wait to scope out the area with my camera.

I stop there three or four times a year for extended photography sessions, usually wandering around the harbor, the beach, the dogwood trees planted in the area, the art installations peppering the lakefront path.  So many beautiful features, so little time!

Today’s post features images from the springtime.  The dogwood trees were blossoming – both pink and white blooms!  Well, here are my choices from the day:

  • Sculpted Tree Art – Butterfly Tree:  Chicago does public art right!  When the City developed the 31st Street Harbor, they engaged local artists to make public art from some of the felled trees.  This butterfly tree (my name, not the artist’s) created by artist Michael Bihlmaier.  This brightly colored tree, can be easily seen from the bike path when walking at the harbor, and is one of my favorites at the harbor, and may one day be the sole subject of this site.
  • Reflections at the Pier #1 – I love reflections!  This single boat looks good reflecting off the water.
  • Dogwood Bloom – The light hitting these blooms is just beautiful, in my opinion.  I love the way the white petals seem to glow, and the contrast of the pink buds make a nice “pop” of color.
  • Pink Cluster – I like the cluster of blooms growing on a branch in the trunk of this tree.  It made an interesting viewpoint to look at trees in the background.
  • Dogwood Grove – The afternoon sun shining through the grove of trees make for a very picturesque walk, amongst the mix of trees with flowering blooms, and those with leaves.
  • Reflections at the Pier #2 – This image highlight the boats at rest in their berths at the pier.  I like the patterns showing he masts of these boats reflected in the water.

This location is a great source of photo opportunities any day – in the spring sunlight, it was just a phenomenal day!  Enjoy these 5* pix!

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