Totally Unplanned 5*


Sometimes a 5* image just happens!

I was driving from Detroit to Lansing (MI) the other day and stopped at a rest stop to take a quick break.  As I emerged from the building, I was once again hit with the fall beauty surrounding me.  The day was beautifully bright and cold – the fall colors were still on display despite the 32 degree temperature and the fresh fallen snow.  As I drove along the interstate, I had marveled at the fall colors so visible in the roadside forests.

So, as I walked back to the car, I seized the opportunity to take a picture.  This time, I was NOT driving, and the colorful trees were right in front of me.  This is the resulting image, and I love the way the day is captured.  The sky was bright blue, the color of the clouds and trees standing out in contrast – the grass was still GREEN (somewhat).  You don’t get many days this beautiful in November in Michigan, so this was definitely a bonus.

(By the way, most of my other images are taken with my Canon digital SLR.  A couple of months ago, I purchased the Nokia 1020 to take photos when I didn’t have the Canon with me.  A nice alternative, I think!)

And this wasn’t even one of my photo shoots – just a stop at an interstate rest stop that presented this 5* opportunity.  Enjoy!

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