Reflections Of A City — 5* Picks

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In this post, I decided to focus on a theme of photos with reflections in them.  Since these are images that come form multiple shoots, the % yield statistics are not reflective of the effort.

In Sunday’s post, I loved my attempts to get a clear and interesting image from the mirror on the motorcycle.  That reminded me that I had a lot of images that included a reflection, and most times, I found those to be very interesting images.  So, I reviewed photos in the archives (yes, I have thousands of images in my archives, just waiting for me to post them!) and pulled these five to share with you:

  • The Fountain of the Great Lakes (artist: Lorado Taft) is located outside the Art Institute of Chicago.  It is so named because, when the water is flowing, it flows between the individual figures the way the water flows thru the great lakes.  While this image captures the sculpture when the fountain was off, the mid morning shadows make for a great reflection in the pool surrounding the sculpture.
  • Arts Scene – While still at the Art Institute, I loved the buildings being reflected by the glass windows between the wings of the Art Institute.  The arched windows highlighting the reflected building architecture, the image of the Symphony Orchestra, the reflected image of Riccardo Muti, Conductor, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, are symbols of Chicago thriving arts and culture scene.
  • Walking On The Sky – The empty square of the Crown Fountain in Chicago’s Millennium Park offered an opportunity to catch a glimpse of a few high rises in a morning puddle.  The Crain Communications Building,(also known as the Diamond Building because of its unique shape) with a corner of the Trump Tower (and its antenna) peeking from behind it, is shown alongside the tip of the Heritage at Millennium Park.  You feel as if you are walking on the sky.
  • University of Chicago – the Gothic architecture of this University of Chicago building in this reflection pool, accented by the goldfish swimming along, visible at the surface.  You can also see the sky reflected in the pool, the shrubbery surrounding the base of the building, and lily pods near the left.  Lots of green stuff, accented by buildings, goldfish, and sky!
  • The Train Has Left the Station – Chicago is well known for its “L” (elevated) trains, and the LaSalle/Van Buren stop in the south loop edge presents a great set of photo ops.  This day, the station was pretty empty, and I tried to catch an unobstructed view of the reflection of the train as it left the station (next time, I will try to focus on getting train where you can see the motion!)

Chicago’s beautiful architecture can be viewed in many ways, and these images show its beauty even reflected from puddles of water and sides of buildings.  Enjoy!

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