Fall Colors — 5* Picks




Total Shots taken 110
Number Acceptable for Future activity 46
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 6 (5.5%)

I almost missed catching pictures of Chicago’s fall colors.  Last weekend was beautiful, but I didn’t get a chance to go out to take pictures.  This weekend, the trees were barer – many leaves had fallen to the ground, and the trees were no longer lush with fall colors.  But the sun was out, and the opportunity was there.   It was with this mindset that I set out this afternoon to capture some fall colors in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood.

The Hyde Park area includes the lakefront and park land close to the lake front, so I was able to take advantage of photo opportunities within five blocks along the lakefront.  Here are some of my 5* gems:

  • Lonely Bench #1 – The path leading to the bench invites one to sit down and bask in the bright afternoon sun.  Love the light!
  • Lovely Tree Bones – This tree stands out against the blue sky, towering and imposing.  Without the leaves, my eyes were drawn to its shape and the shadows on the ground.
  • Reflections  – A shiny motorcycle was parked on the street next to the park lot.  Instead of trying to capture images of it, I focused on finding reflections in the mirrors.  Love those colorful trees, and yet another bench.
  • Highlights – The afternoon soon highlights the red and gold leaves in trees lined in front of this small lakeside park lot
  • Museum of Science & Industry – The museum is nestled in Chicago’s Jackson Park, and this time of year, is surrounded by colorful fall foliage.  The reds seem unusually abundant this year, and we are enjoying them.  Amazing colors across the expansive area around the museum.
  • Lonely Bench #2 – I was attracted to the benches today, and this one sitting under the canopy of branches just seems to be well framed for the day.

Hyde Parkers are lucky – lots of benches to sit, rest, reflect, talk, and just plain enjoy the scenery in our parks!  Enjoy these images from my brief walk to enjoy the fall colors.

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