Foggy Evening — 5* Shots

1700 East Branches In The Mist Jackson Towers Thru the Fog Urban Jungle

Total Shots taken 62
Number Acceptable for Future activity 22
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 4 (6.5%)

I came home one night and saw that thick fog had rolled in.  It was such an interesting sight that I couldn’t stop myself.  Since I wanted to get a work out in as well, I gave myself a “hard stop” of 30 minutes.  That timing worked with the light as well, because 30 minutes later, it was too dark to take pictures.

I walked around a 1 block park area, trying to catch different images in the foggy evening.  A number of things intrigued me – tree shapes, buildings seen thru the fog,   Turns out that taking pictures in the fog can be quite a feat!  Not sure that I got the knack of it this evening, but here are my 5*results:

  • 1700 East – This imposing austere building has 38 floors and towers high in the neighborhood.  Above the fog, it seems to be an endless stretch shrouded in mist.
  • Branches In The Mist – I loved the stark contrast of the huge tree with the shorter, lusher trees.  It looks as if it is raising itself up, and rearing back, branches aimed towards the sky.
  • Jackson Towers Thru the Fog  – The unique architecture of Jackson towers, with its arched windows facing the Museum of Science & Industry make an interesting feature in this image.
  • Urban Jungle  – The lush greenery, a vibrant green on this spring evening, stand out in the fog.  The muted red brick midrise in the background brings in the urban feeling to the .

A foggy evening presents a special photo opportunity — hope you enjoy these few shots!

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