Chicago — Floral Finery #1

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Total Shots taken 64
Number Acceptable for Future activity  17
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)  6 (10%)

Chicago knows how to “dress up” for every season – during the winter and especially for the holidays, the city dresses in colorful lights; during spring, summer, and fall, the City dresses in floral finery  — flower pots on the streets (another post, I’m sure), bridges, in the street medians.  I confess –  I LOVE the flowers.  On the morning of July 4, I decided to take an early morning trip downtown to Grant Park, scouting for the morning flower – to see this part of the City in its finest floras (well, almost the finest – the tulips are the finest, and THAT is a future posting).

I had a great time that morning, enjoying the flowers, and exploring gardens in Chicago’s Grant Park.  Here are the ‘blossoms’ of my labor:

  • Burgundy Lily – Wow!  This flower just pops with vibrant color!
  • Moss Rose (pink) – it was early enough to catch the dew on the rose petals.
  • Spider Lily (?) – the spidery bloom of this flower is new to me.  While not as colorful as the others, they have a fragile beauty that I enjoy
  • Morning Walk# 1 & 2 – and if you agree that the flowers individually are beautiful, when you step back and look across the expanse to a fountain, or just along the walkway, the floral landscape is even more powerful.
  • Dahlia — “just” another pretty flower

I so enjoyed my time, taking in Chicago’s floral finery — I hope you do too!  I’ve got many more to share.

P.S.  I think my yield is higher because i just love the flowers — hard to cut some out.

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