Chicago Bike the Drive 2013 — 5* Pix

20130526-bikethedrive9413 20130526-bikethedrive9408 20130526-bikethedrive9402 20130526-bikethedrive9392 20130526-bikethedrive9462

Chicago “Bike the Drive” 2013

Total Shots taken 170
Number Acceptable for Future activity  21
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)  5 (2.9%)

Chicago is a very active city, and we try to make the most of our assets, one of which is the famed Lake Shore Drive, which (you guessed it!) winds along Chicago’s Lake Michigan shoreline.  Each year, Lake Shore Drive is closed down to motor vehicle traffic for several hours, while avid bikers ride the length of the Drive. Bikers can travel from Bryn Mawr Ave on the north end, to 57th Street on the south end (at the Museum of Science and Industry), where they turn around and head back to the downtown starting point.

This 30 mile non-competitive event occurs on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  What more could an aspiring photographer ask for?  It has all the makings of a fabulous photo opportunities:  access to unobstructed views of the Chicago skyline, colorful biker families and friends crowding the Drive, colorful, expansive Lake Michigan in the background, and the beautiful lakefront park!  So, yes, of course, I was there, with my plan to get some ‘interesting’ shots, and these are my 5* results:

  • The Lake Alongside – You can’t go wrong with a view where you can see the lake, the lakefront park, AND a group of bikers.  The trees and the grass look beautifully and inviting.  And I know those bikers are having a great time, because the weather was wonderful.
  • Bikers’ shadows – In my recent photography class, using shadows as the focus of the image.  I loved the view of these bikers where the space around them was so clear you could easily see their shadows.
  • The City Ahead 1 and 2 – And it doesn’t get much better than having a shot where you can see the city skyline as well as bikers traveling in both directions on Lake Shore Drive.  Yes, that tall black building you see is the Willis (nee Sears) Tower.
  • Biker in Blue – This was my most fun and interesting picture, I thought.  I like the fact that the bikers are in motion, and the biker in blue stands out.  I love that orange tire on the right side of the picture too!  Sometimes you get something like this from planning and superb execution — for me, it was luck and timing.

Bike the Drive is another of my favorite photographic Chicago events!  I hope you can see why with these pix.

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