Bird’s Nest

20130713-birds_nest0814 20130713-birds_nest0766 What's up, world?

Total Shots taken 100
Number Acceptable for Future activity  12
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)  3 (3%)

I will admit it – I am not really a person who is entranced by birds.  In fact, I had to go look up bird pictures to confirm these were indeed robins.  We were at a picnic, and I happened to look up to the rafters of the pavilion we had reserved.  I’d heard the birds, and seen the mother robin flying about, but had little idea what was above my head.   Soon, I saw the nest; I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to see if I could get some unique shots anyway.

A good friend once told me that “it is up to the photographer to find the beauty shot in the ordinary.”  He challenges me to find the beautiful shot in the scene I am looking at, or in the picture I have taken.  These shots represent that for me:

  • The FeedingWhat better shot could there be than to find the baby birds crying out for food, and Mama Bird
  • Lookout Post — I loved the way the robin looked around, protecting her babes in the nest.  At first, I thought there were only two, but it turned out there were three.  She had a large family to look out for!
  • “What’s Up World?” — The little bird looking over the edge of the nest reminds me of the child who is peeking out the door to see what all the fuss is about.


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