Why “Eye Point of View?”

I love taking photos! When I purchased a DSLR that involved more than point and shoot, I took classes to learn to use the camera, and to take better pictures. One of my takeaways was that I needed regular practice. Well, my practice sessions, where I wandered around city neighborhoods, attended festivals or sporting events, or traveled to other places, routinely resulted in 150-200 pix per hour of photography! With an 18 MP image captured in RAW, my pix were 23 MB per image. I filled up my hard drive pretty fast.

My various photography instructors advised us never to delete, but I decided that wouldn’t work for me. Not only that, I needed a reason to continue taking so many pictures! That’s a long way to say that I started this blog as a way to develop a discipline of reviewing and selecting the best images from any photography outing and to discard the rest. That is where I got the concept of 5* pix – identifying these were the very best (of all the GREAT 🙂  images I captured).

A good friend who is “a creative” kept saying to me that he wanted to see my point of view in my images – so my blog is a marriage of those concepts – with the ideal that by rigorously selecting my best images, I will develop my point of view as a photographer.

I don’t intend to express a particular perspective, but to let my photography drive my writing. My editorial plan is based on photo opportunity planning, which means it is fairly seasonal. Form each photography outing, I select the images that I think are the best and use commonalities from those selections to drive the subject or topic of the post. So readers and followers may find an eclectic mix – action and sporting events, scenery, nature, public art, nature, cityscapes, and the lake front – all contributing to my point of view.

My goal – just keep getting better!

3 thoughts on “Why “Eye Point of View?”

  1. I should have started with this post–now I know what the % yield is. Love the reflections and the fog. There are elements of your style and personality in these photos (or so I think!).

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